Designer stressed: "The characteristics of each type of glass has its own characteristics, whether to adopt, from the bedroom decoration design style departure, tailor-made."Great Use Can Not be ReplacedAs a transparent decorative materials, processes of glass has its own advantages can not be replaced. For example, it can effectively adjust the light inside the room on the space-they're starting to cut and transition, and will not rust and difficult to aging, long service life of seven to ten years.

Even more unusual is that a piece of glass like a white, malleable, and can be above "the most beautiful picture of the latest paintings."A good number of reporters have been renovated family found in recent years, the glass still in the balcony of each household to "sing" has played a leading role, and many property owners, when fitting frameless balcony will be installed with both open and can fold the screen like glass.

Xia Jianbo analysis, sliding door or shuttle door, can not have 100% of the ventilation lighting effect, but folded the basic process of glass are able to do light and ventilation, the zero block.To Prevent "Jones" to Do HarmEverything has pros and cons, the craft of glass also has some defects. Yellowstone Glass Co., Ltd. Shanghai detailed distribution service center manager Herbert HP Fang Gao remind owners in the purchase or installation process the glass must pay attention to three points:

First, spray paint on glass patterns, when to do, pay attention to selection of environmentally friendly paint, so that regardless of volatile odor paint fast and slow, will be harmful to human health.Second, there are elderly or families with children, in the selection of glass bathroom doors or partitions, the best choice of 10-12 mm thick tempered glass. Because of the bathroom more slippery, the user once the slip encountered glass, tempered glass do not hurt, and ordinary glass will have the potential fatal danger.Third, we must often craft glass of Health. Stained glass craft easy to suck the dust, while the thick dust, and decoration is compromised, therefore, want to wipe the glass surface, ground handling wash, so that the glass radiant.