The finest of all the metal cases which are offered are constructed from aircraft quality aluminum. These cases include removable flocked trays and high security barrel style locks. These top of the line cases are machined from solid stock and of course the most expensive poker chip carrying case.

The wooden case is yet another chip case option. These cases come complete with custom brass fittings, and are available in varied styles and price ranges. These cases can be made from the common pine, to the extravagant exotic woods with inlayed precious metals.As with many things in life, when it comes to poker chip carrying cases, you get what you pay for.

Another consideration is the type of wood you burn. Best choice is pinon wood or other hardwoods. Pinon has the added advantage of helping to repel mosquitoes. Mesquite is also another option. Definitely stay away from pressure treated woods or anything that has been chemically treated ? especially if you are planning to cook on the fire. Once you are ready to use your chiminea, start out with a small fire and build from there. And even if you don't live in the more fire prone regions of the country it is always a good idea to have some water or a fire extinguisher nearby, especially if you are in a small backyard.

Outdoor chiminea aluminum heat sink fireplaces are great addition for the pool area, garden, deck, or patio where you will be kept warm outside to enjoy the immense pleasures of a fire as well as cooking outdoors with friends or family.